Roy McDonald | OneLife

Roy McDonald

Roy McDonald is the founder of the OneLife Group, a company dedicated to transforming the lives of everyday Australians.

For the past 50 years, Roy has searched out, created, and pioneered some of the best strategies for creating wealth and success in people’s lives. 

As an educator, author, business coach, and strategic planner, Roy is a hands-on wealth creator. The programs he teaches at OneLife Group have enabled thousands of satisfied clients to increase their belief in themselves and therefore their belief in their ability to create wealth.

Roy McDonald is a self-made millionaire and director of over 50 different structures and interests in more than 24 companies that turn over in excess of $30 million a year.

This includes an Accounting Firm, a Financial Planning Company, a Real Estate Business, a Development and Construction Company, a Training Organisation and other business including Investment companies, Trading Companies, a Travel Company, Farming and Cattle Breeding.

Roy McDonald has been educating people in wealth creation strategies and gives the participants of his programs a holistic and balanced approach to creating the life of their dreams.

Roy teaches you how to reach the next level of financial success. You’ll discover how to increase the belief in yourself and therefore your belief in your ability to create wealth... and the tools to keep it!